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Interested in renting a clarinet for your school band this upcoming year? Well, you’ve come to the right place. High School Music Service has been providing musical instrument rentals and lessons, especially the clarinet, to the San Antonio area since we started. 

Unsure, if a clarinet is right for you? Below are some quick facts about clarinets, feel free to call our store if you need clarification or stop in. 

The clarinet is part of the woodwind family and is classified as a single-reeded aero phone with keys. The clarinet is about twice as big as a recorder and consists of several parts held together. The instrument originated around the 1700s and is an off-shoot of the chalumeau, a very simple shepherds instrument that could only play one octave. The modern clarinet was built by C H Denner, a resident of Germany and can play a full range of notes. 

Benefits of Renting a Clarinet:

It's convenient: at HS Music Service we make the process as easy as possible. Usually all you need is a quick recommendation from us / your music teacher and filling out a quick form. 

It's reliable: Classical instruments need to be handled with care, while we understand this is not an area where some children excel, we happily offer basic insurance and repair service for purchase at our location. 

Easy Exit: you can simply close the contract with us or if your child has grown you can get a larger instrument that suits them. 
In conclusion, renting an instrument is much better than buying one and will save you money in the long run. So rent with the best at HS Music Service in San Antonio. 

Instead of you looking all over for the clarinet you need, HS Music Service wants to make it simple for you. Learn everything you need to know at either of our convenient locations in San Antonio. 
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