High Quality Amplifiers For Sale In San Antonio

One of the parts of learning how to play guitar is being able to play it through your own amplifier and getting a great sound that is well blended, distorted, or colored. The amp you use can show you the difference between enjoying a perfect tone from your guitar and becoming really frustrated from the lack of effects, features, and other problems. The first thing about amps is learning how to properly use one. 

With modern times and the birth of different modern music genres, amps have evolved from older tube types to more efficient transistor amps and even hybrids. Luckily, regardless of the way it may look, all amps work the same. 

When you’re first starting out, you need to pick the best amplifier to suit your needs. There’s a few factors and other things to think about before you come into High School Music Service and buy the cheapest thing you see. 

Factors For 
Choosing The Best Amp

Choose the right power or wattage: if playing guitar is just a hobby for you, you don’t need a loud speaker, you really only need a power amp around 10 to 40 watts. If you plan on starting a band though you should look into buying one that’s 40 to 100 watts. 

The genre you plan on playing: If you plan on playing heavy metal you need an amp with heavy distortion. If you want something softer and smoother you need an amplifier that can give you a clean sound at high volumes. 

Most importantly: don’t forget your budget! Yes, it would be great to have the most expensive amplifier, but it’s not necessary. Its important to know what your looking for and not to over spend if you're only going to use it a few times. 

Amplifiers for Sale in San Antonio
Remember no matter if you’re just starting out or if you’ve been playing for years and just need a new amp. The experts at High School Music Service have the amplifiers to fit any style or guitar level, so stop by today and pick yours up at either of our San Antonio locations. Click here to contact us today. 
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